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File Name:Sonic the Hedgehog CD (U).zip (view contents)
System:Sega CD
Size:61.65 MB
Rating: 4.57/5 (1258 voters) 

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The good ol' days by RTH002 on March 20, 2009
I've played many of the Sonic series games. The very first one I've played was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Which was the game that got me into the Sonic series. But there are still many I havent played yet, like Sonic CD for one. I've read about it and learned the controls and everything I just never got the chance to actually play it. Remembering back, I was always looking to play as many of the Sonic series games as possible. I know most of the stuff that goes on Sonic CD like the new move called "Super Peel out" and the time warps. Plus the animated intro and ending to it seems interesting as well.
what more could be said by 4banginYJ on March 3, 2009
I'm a huge platformer and i loved the sonic series, heck i still play them on ps2. Sonic cd is an amazing game to the sonic collection its storyline was a little different the soundtrack was awesome, and time travel made it that much more interesting and challenging, trying to collect all the emeralds and set the worlds future straight isnt so easy. This made for a better challenge than the first sonic. I would also like to add sonics special moves were the first of his kind, and correct me if i'm wrong but i think they originated here. Not to mention the fmv is cool. Like i said great installment.
This is a great version of Sonic by p999 on February 9, 2009
This is really a great version of Sonic for the sega cd or the wgens emulator with the proper bios files. The game shows off one of the great features of the sega cd which is of course the cd quality music. The music in this game is great. The game is colorful and the action is fast, it is really true to the other great sonics such as the original for the genesis and the other great sonic games for the game gear. I would recommend that anyone interested in Sonic games check out this great game.
Don't mess with the Hedgehog by Kirurishii on January 30, 2009
Rating: 10/10
Sonic CD is a game that has almost no end, so many levels, such huge levels as well. To try to step on every pixel or polygon this game has to give, means spending a lot of sleepless nights. Just like a Sonic-freak could dream about. Hack, there's even a new move in it! Plain great, music is great, the graphics stunning, the speed awesome. No bad news about this game!
Sonic at 80 MPH by blargiefarg on January 16, 2009
Rating: 9/10
I played this game and when i first encountered time travel, I much like many people was awestruck! The gameplay is the best I have seen since Sonic 3 and Knux, with the exception of not having Super and Hyper Sonic. The music definitely needs Crush 40, but is O.K. all in all this is a great game that I will play over and over
One of the few gems of the SEGA CD by cacac on January 10, 2009
Rating: 9/10
As a kid, I never really had the opportunity to play sonic cd. After getting the chance a few years down the road, I must say that it is most certainly one of my favorites in the sonic universe.

The look is somewhat smoother than its genesis counterparts and sonic's running animation in this game is pretty cool and unique. I also like the focus on the intricacies in the levels; it's rather specific and makes it a little bit more of a challenge. The moving between different times also is a cool and interesting concept. All told, this is a good side step for those who are only familiar with the genesis games.

Creative Platformer by brad barker on January 2, 2009
Rating: 9/10
The time travel aspect of this game certainly adds a new dimension (so to speak) to the typical platforming formula. The player must hunt through each level for signposts indicating "Past" or "Future" and try to correct events in those eras to achieve the best ending.

Also, Sonic CD is remembered for the "Sonic Boom" music video that opened the game.

Sonic, the way he's supposed to be. by Hacker2021 on January 2, 2009
Rating: 9/10
Sonic the Hedgehog is undoubtedly one of the greatest icons in the video game world. Sonic has appeared in dozens of games over the years, but Sonic CD is quite possibly the best of the bunch. Following in the footsteps of its older 2D predecessors, Sonic CD is a fast paced, action packed, adrenaline rush. Naturally, you play as Sonic the Hedgehog, racing through all kinds of zones and inevitably fighting the evil Dr. Eggman. However, in this installment, Eggman isn't the only antagonist, as you also have to deal with a completely new villain, Metal Sonic. All in all, this is an amazing 2D platformer that unfortunately was released on failed add-on console for the sega genesis. That being said, any self respecting gamer that has even the slightest interest in platformers should play this game. It's almost impossible to hate.
Sonic CD: The sega cd masterpiece by hypershadow22 on December 29, 2008
Rating: 9/10
Sonic cd is undoubtedly the best sega cd game featuring everyone's spikey blue hedgehog, sonic. This game was Amy Rose's debut game, but she erroneously referred to as Princess Sally in the instruction booklet. you need to defeat dr. Eggamn once again as he is tourturing the animals with his new Robot, Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic is your final boss and he is seen many times throughout the game kidnapping Amy. You can travel to the past to destroy Metal Sonic's hologram machine which he uses to terrorize the animals and then travel to the good future. enemy robots change types in the past and future; They work better the more you go back and if you go to the good future instead of the bad future, you will see hopping animals, not Eggman's Robots. Definetly worth a download right now!!
Sonic CD: The sega cd masterpiece by hypershadow22 on December 28, 2008
Sega has Outdone themselves again with this addicting sega cd game featuring everyone favorite hi-speed hedgehog, sonic. The game is similar to some previous sonic games, especially sonic 1, but if you play for a while, you may realize that under the hood it's all new. The game takes place in the present, but this time, eggman nega came from the future in order to rule the island from the start. This game's final boss is metal sonic, who youj always see kidnapping Amy Rose (erroneously referred to as "Princess Sally" in the instructions booklet. Eggman is trying to get a hold of the 7 time stones, (no, not chaos emeralds). Metal sonic is constantly seen in the game, but without a chance to beat him until the final zone. Awesome game overall, defenetly worth a download!
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