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Mat Classic! by Roman-Paul on May 24, 2009
The thing I like most about this game is that the wrestlers from that time are all included. I loved the Honkey Tonk Man being in it. This is a really fun game for a long time. Trying to take down the almighty Million Dollar Man and Andre The Giant. i mean those guys were the baddest guys in WWF history. Buying people and betrayal were just some of the things they did. The game plays really smooth and the fact that you can do all kind of special moves make this one of the greatest wrestling games eeeeeeever.....
the best wrestling game for the arcade!!!! by mamecorby on January 24, 2009
Rating: 10/10
their was champion wrestler, mat mayhem, wrestlefest, then there was WWF superstars. great control, had all the major stars, well it was amazing enough that the honkey tonk man shake raddle and rolled him self in to the licence. that game was ahead of its time back then and was my favorite game to play. And just like Below 30 said, game play and strategy changed when you fought Andre and ted Dibiase. It really made it more challenging and and the experince fresh again!
I like it !! by Mr DavI on January 21, 2009
Rating: 9/10
A very fun game that looks good and and sounds great with excellent sound effects that really give the impression your apponent is being driven into the mat with force. As a wrestling game I would say in my opinion supasses the newer wrestle fest game quite considerably in the playability stakes, I think there is something missing in the way the moves are delivered in wrestlefest they dont have the same impact as they do in wwf superstars. ive also noticed that in the championship title match , the andre the giant sprite is an exact copy of the boss on the second level of double dragon 2 but with different attire etc. ive spent many hours playing this game and i still come back to it, its a pleasure to play . wrestling fans go and play it :D

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