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Note: Neo Geo MAME games require that you have the Neo Geo bios ROM.
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Hidden Characters - unlocking by buda3d2003 on October 26, 2008
Rating: 9/10
before I write my review I will add that you can download the nvram/umk3.nv for this game off the web if you look for it through google you are bound to find it to unlock the essential characters mainly MK2 sub zero, which in my opinion beats the MK3 Sub zero.

this game rocks because they brought back my favourite character Scorpion and did not disappoint with his character, I hardly go back and play the original MK3 except maybe for Kabal as his moves were more powerful in the first few versions of MK3.

I rate this game as one of the best in the series second to MK2 which was the biggest and best of the lot, the only thing that anoys me in this game is the animation for the ninja's reptile has his own unique defualt stand pose with his hands down but all the other characters have scorpions default hand pose with the one hand up in the air. 9/10

You weak, pathetic fool. by Taruofterror on October 12, 2008
Rating: 10/10
Defenitely imo, the most competitive fighting game of its time. With rev 1.2 came the removal of infinites for certain characters that made gameplay near impossible for some. A quality game, that would mark the last actual mortal kombat fighter, until MK vs DCU hopefully.
Scorpions Return...... by lobosakti on August 29, 2008
My favorite Character returns...He reminds me of Ghost Rider.UMK3 adds more fun than Mk3...but then there s MK Trilogy....Wooohooooo....Too bad theres no mame arcade version of it.I like the fatalities.Still original for each Character.In MOrtal Kombat Armageddon, the fatalities kinda boring and repetitive.but i still love the game too.Please, there are thousands of Idea for new fatalities each game...come on show me more....
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