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File Name:Dragon Ball Z - Hyper Dimension (F).zip (view contents)
System:SNES / Super Nintendo
Size:1.79 MB
Rating: 4.44/5 (972 voters) 

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DBZ fans will like this!! by Daemourax on May 15, 2009
Why this game never made it to America is still a huge surprise. With the Budokai series opening here I'm surprised they didn't try to adapt it to this kind of game style. This game feels more like the show than the budokai games, but them again that series was just an attempt to make DBZ in 3D with good graphics, adequate visual representation of DBZ characters and their moves, but crappy overall combat. (more on budokai cont. below)

This game however plays directly from the series (japanese series) with goku having the strange high pitch voice and so forth. Knocking people into other areas is a plus, landing punches at the same time and performing the fireball face-off feature is also cool. It really is like a Super Street Fighter version of DBZ with plenty of authenticity for DBZ enthusiasts.

(Budokai cont.) Well, the combat isn't terrible, but it just doesn't have that DBZ feel to it. Look = yes, feel = no. It's like they made another Tekken game, but took out 3/4 the moves per character, and then just made sure they looked like DBZ characters and did DBZ moves. So as a stand alone fighting game I'd say it rates under tekken and soul calibur by a ton, and as far as a DBZ game, it doesn't satisfy the DBZ fan as much as DBZ Hyperdimension will.

It's alright... by Sinray on October 12, 2008
Rating: 6/10
This game deserves some recognition, although you only have 4 average attacks and 4 air borne attacks the game invovles about 10 characters and 5 stages.

Theres not alot I can say about the game. Any hardcore DBZ fan will enjoy this game. Growing up DBZ was a show to me, not a game series.

Overall the game is like Street Fighter 2. I think this game should at least be tried out by more people

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