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Rating: 4.47/5 (1021 voters) 

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Beat-up with a little more depth by YeOldeLancer on January 18, 2009
Rating: 10/10
This is probably one of the best beat-em ups out there. With great graphics, nice character selection, awesome sound, and special movers for each character, there's really not a whole lot out there that comes close. Definitely worth a play.
If you're a beat em up fan, or just looking for action, look no further. by shouryuuken on August 6, 2008
I remember going to the arcade when I was in middle school to play all the hottest 2D action titles that my Genesis or the Super Nintendo couldn't handle. Capcom was by far the best company for providing these games. Most companies made pretty shallow games when it came to this genre, Capcom included, but this all changed in the twilight of the genres life. Instead of just punch and jump buttons, alien vs predator had shoot, attack, and jump, and the devs also had jump do more advanced functions than just jumping up. you could jump off walls, and do a spinning forward jump that would allow you to bounce off your enemies with your attacks, leading to a chain of kicks. You could also do slides and low attacks with jumps. The main thing that makes good beat em ups stand out is the variety in attacks and weapons, this is where aliens vs predator shines. just as in a fighting game, there are different motions you can make with the arcade stick combined with attack that cause you to do different moves. The female character, Linn Kurosawa has the most moves available. There are also many marine and predator weapons found in the various levels that keep you entertained. Although still not as much depth as something like an RPG or sandbox game, Aliens vs Predator has more depth than most beat em ups in existence. I give it a 5 out of 5.
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