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Note: Neo Geo MAME games require that you have the Neo Geo bios ROM.
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a lot of fun by neogeoowner on August 9, 2014
Rating: 8/10
Those of use who used to play these games in the arcades will remember that they offered huge sprites and generally superior graphics to anything ported to a home console. Captain Commando has the elements that you are looking for from a classic arcade game. Who sprites, a choice of great characters, loads of selectable weapons to pick up, varied and interesting levels and simple but addictive controls that anyone can pick up and play for 5 minutes without needing to learn anything complicated.

If you love Final Fight (as all real men did!), you will love this too. Modern games look more realistic and have more depth but their complicated controls takes away your ability to just have a quick game when you feel like it. I prefer the old ones. It is not just me either. My friends 6-year old was here playing Captain Commando yesterday and he loved it just as much as I did when I was a kid. He screamed like he was on fire when his parents tried to make him stop playing when it was time to go home. This game will make you feel all nostalgic, just like you wanted!

A case of been there seen it ect! by johnbabes on January 6, 2009
While i did get a chance to play this in the arcade and it did take a few 50p's to finnish i guess thats the point of arcade games :) make them hard.but i also got this for my Snes which is the same verison but just a tad easy to finnish the basic story A ruthless posse of mutants led by the despicable Scumocide, is hatching a plan to take over control of the universe. Now it's up to Captain Commando and his group of renegade warriors to stop the plot and send Scumocide and his brood back to where they came from. You can play as any of four characters, each with special abilities and characteristics as you fight to keep the world safe. Baby Head is a mechanical missile launcher controlled by a baby genius; Ginzu the Ninja is a master with the blade; Mack the Knife's enigmatic presence gives him the upper hand; and Captain Commando, uses his energy glove of electricity and fire If you make it through all nine stages of action-packed fighting, you just might keep the Earth safe.
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