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Best KoF to date by BambamCZECH on July 16, 2009
Rating: 9/10
KoF games are my favourite fighting games. There's something about them that makes me want to play them. And this bad boy was my first experience with the KOF games. It was way different than the games I played like, Tekken 3, Soul Edge, Virtua Fighter and even strays far away from the Street Fighter franchise. It much flashier but not to the Guilty Gear extent of "flashy fighting". Characters move fluidly and their specials are much easier to combo in. But to be sure, KOF isn't that much about combos since the best you can do is 3-5hit ended with special and then back off and wait for another opening in opponents defense. And the style I like to play, it's not turtling that's just the way KoF games should be played. Although you can also see that some players love to rush in and pummel you but with enough patience you'll retalite with punishing combo ended with Super.

Talking About Super, there two ways to initiate super "art" before choosing your team you need to choose either Advance or Extra modes. In advance you'll increase it with beating your opponent and you can store up to 3 super gauges. In Extra modes you can charge it yourself but it's much slower and riskier than advance mode, though it has it's advantage if you're low on health it gives you extra dmg boost and you can unleash "ultra" version of your super, similiar to Garou's T.O.P.

Characters are well balanced no super strong Iori. Also you can choose orochi versions of some characters like Chris or Shermie. Ultimately in home versions you can even play as Omega Rugal. But to tell the truth I barely use orochi versions of these chars I allways played charge characters in SF so most of the time my team is Kim-Leona-Kyo.

Graphics are good, though the backgrounds may seem bland but it's better than having busy backgrounds that distract you from the gameplay. Supers are over the top so most of the time you won't be tired of seeing them. Specials look and sound powerful. Music is great.....although the intro song is rather tedious.... well I guess it's better than INDESTRUCTIBLE!!. And for most of the characters voice acting is above average.

If you consider yourself a fighting fan, don't play KoF games 200x and get back to the late '90 prefferable '98, the year of fighting game greatness.

KOF's finest by elOziii on October 4, 2008
Rating: 10/10
I'm sure many ppl will disagree with me.but after playing every single KOF game in the series I came to realise long ago that this dream match is the best ever.why ? KOF 98 you get the finest combination of graphics, controls, balance, music, humour, combos, specials and that ``thing´´ only legendary games have.graphically, the game is soft, yet bright and violent.I know backgrounds are not the best ever seen but the sprites are so smooth and well animated that lack of detail is hardly noticeable.the music and effects are strong, and they get you in the KOF mood right from the starting bmg, to Kyo's ``Orochi Nagi´´ speech.every character has the right voice actor and the right tempo in their speech, I simply cannot think of a better dubbed game.In terms of control, the response is great, the moves are easy to pull but this doesn't make KOF 98 a game for special abusers, combo freaks or button need timing and style (and some brains too) to effectively use the special and normal moves, and the easyness of pulling them just adds to the punish-gross-mistakes playing style.balance is another great feature of this game.every character has a way of kicking other character's asses, by saying this I mean that there are no ``useless´´ chars, each one of them is powerful in its own way, and there is no ``absolute-Iori-supremacy´´ like in other KOFs.I personally loved this since my fav team has always been Shingo-Kensou-Billy Kane, chars considered rather weak in other KOFs.and finally, the move and chars list is something that makes me cry..having shingo, saysu, all the Orochi chars, classic Fatal Fury and AOF chars, all with their better-looking specials, not only you will never see it again, but also you will never see it so awesomely put togheter..

I hope that after having read this you understand what i'm talking about..stop playing KOF 2002 and get back to the wonder SNK re-released KOF 98 for the ps2 =D.

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