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Sifse by Jammy on July 25, 2009
Old school basetball, with something exciting call super shots that means a confirm hit in the basket. Its a 3 vs 3 and there arent really any obviously this is a kind of game for someone who likes to shoot easy hoops and play with ease without much rules.
Be the best on the street by Dzigaci on March 30, 2009
Rating: 9/10
Very fun type of basketball, where you can use special suepr shots (that is mean 100% basket). You can choose any team and letīs play. On the pitch you will find 6 players ( 3 on your side and 3 on the other side), there are not rules, so you can hit the shooter or block the shoot very near the basket, you can hit player in the jump very hardly. So it is very playeble game.
Basketball with No Rules by krpx on December 9, 2008
Rating: 9/10
A very classical basketball game of old times which is played with 4 playes (2 for each team). However the game is very different from basketball games that you played so far, because the many rules of the classical basketball is missing and this makes the game more tough and more exciting. The best part of the game is super shots that is given the player after a certain amount of baskets. When you play the game you will certainly realize the addictive aspect of the game.
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