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A Timeless Classic by Edulf on November 1, 2008
Rating: 10/10
Out of many Nintendo games, only Dragon Quest IV had made me so addicted that I played it for many days and nights. Unlike other conventional RPGs, Dragon Quest IV had introduced chapters system which the player will first play the stories of the hero's fated teammates and finally the hero will start his/her quest for justice.It is also the only dragon quest game to make it to the top 100 Nintendo games

Its storyline(not mentioning the hero's teammates') is quite touching. The hero start off in quiet, peaceful, nameless village in the geographical middle of nowhere. Somehow one of the villagers let an outsider in which is against the town's rules(this is to protect the hero from monsters that are trying to kill him). Not long after, the town is suddenly invade by legion of monsters, all of villagers fought valiantly while the hero's best friend sacrifice herself by transforming to look like him so that the monsters will think that they had killed the hero.

Its graphics compare to other nes games is quite supreme, such as the monsters drawn by Akira Toriyama.

The music is just amazing, although you cant compare the quality to today's video game, but I could listen to it for hours!

Right now I'm playing Dragon Quest IV for the fourth time through. It's sill

just as exciting as the first time.

Overall this RPG game is surely worth the time, even till today most RPGs although have good graphic and music quality could not compare to Dragon Quest IV's storyline and game play.

My last thought for this game is that the only way to further improve this game is to remake it into newer consoles or handhelds.

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